Released Feb 7th, 2016.

I'm was so excited. There was only one day left until the games. I shifted around, forgetting what I was about to do. Oh yes; packing. I don't need much for the competition, because taking any supplies is forbidden. I will just bring a piece of steak to eat before the games. I open my chest, and take out the steak. The chest is cooled and completely bacteria free; my other chest has the supplies. I plodded to the chest. I could use some cheap armor to use until I get to the games. Armor is pretty much impossible in the games, but most of the things I take will be thrown out before, or it will just be worn down by then. I place the armor on and search for other valuables. I take out a stone sword, my bow, and some arrows. I am set.

I glance around as if I forget what to do next. Well, I suppose adventure starts now. I eat part of the steak for some energy, and trot outside. Its already almost mid-day, so its probably the best time to leave. I go left; not to the desert, but where the forest is. I just kind of strolled at this point, doubting if I should go yet. I also have a bed in my inventory to sleep in case it gets dark. The birds make the day so much better, chirping and flying over the trees. The day was quite frankly beautiful; the grass was grassy, really moist. The trees were purely seasonal, waving in the really joyful breeze. I have the red slip in my inventory somewhere; I am almost positive I need it to participate. I scan the paper, and come to a stop. Jaw drops and everything; I was reading the back of the paper, I never read it. As shocked as I was, my attention went to one part of the paper. In big bold letters, it says:


What if I lost the games? Life will be over, I won't see any of my friends; I never even got to say goodbye. I took one last glance around. It was so beautiful still..

I really don't want to leave.

I lumbered slowly forward, and put the paper back. That is really scary; if you have respawns, its not much. But having none left, its a big deal in Minecraftia. As I am going through the trees a bit faster, I realize that we are out of Copeland. I am not sure which city we are in, but if I took a "memory quiz," It would probably be Savannah. I knew the place well; but I never really seen a map of the area. Nature was still lovely as ever; In fact, I don't think this is a typical occurrence; I feel like it means something. Whistling just catches my left ear, causing me to freeze. Adrenaline rush; that is for sure.

I slowly put my hand back and trying to find one of my weapons. My hand touches the bow first, and I grab it. I switch hands and grab an arrow. I listen harder, it was getting louder; definitely was.

As tension rose, a cute-tiny squirrel pops out of one of the trees. I laugh to myself in relief. I keep on going, until I hear more shuffling; It definitely wasn't me. I took a glimpse of one of the trees. A creeper was standing on top. Just at spur of moment, it catches sight of me and jumps down. I run back. I don't feel like taking this fight right now, but in my condition, I could try to get a long shot. I jumped up a tree, distancing myself and the creeper. I took a four fletched arrow and pulled it back. The creeper was trying to distance itself as well, but the plan failed as I released my arrow on the creeper, destroying it. I jump down and put the bow back behind me. I sighed, and kept on the mary way. I made it to a ravine. I immediately knew what to do, I jumped up a tree and climbed it, gaining height. I looked down. It was pretty narrow; so a wide jump should do the trick. I walk backwards, go into a vertical position, and start making for the edge. I get ready to jump. I suddenly realized that it wasn't narrow much; and I might actually fail the jump. I wave my arms historically, praying that I will make it, the air gives my enough adrenaline to grab the edge of the ravine. I am currently hanging; in a pretty horrible position. I look straight down; It was a ravine, with a mineshaft and a few water and lava pools. It was a huge drop; enough to kill me. I hurry up, but it wasn't working. The dirt was too slippery. My hands were turning red, due to the death grip. I tried to pull myself up with one hand, and it just wasn't working. If the dirt wasn't as slippery, I could of made it up. My shoes were just dangling down, barely connected to my feet. I then push myself up, getting my head on the edge. That was progress. I got my chest up onto the ground, almost completely up. I made it! I said in happiness, that then turned to remorse. As I was distracted, the edge was also being cracked. I hesitated; and tried to scuff my way up there. I fall back again, now only having my head up again. The dirt was breaking; and no time was left. I could barely breathe, my respiratory feels like it can give up any second now. I push myself up and tumble over. I am now up, and safe. I was dirty though; dirt filled my face and arms, and my hands were red and hurt like it was stung. I tried to pick myself up, until tragedy struck; the whole part of the ground, was cracking. It completely shattered, and was falling into the ravine. I was going with it. Me and my swearing did a great job at that moment; freaking out like a chimpanzee, was definitely not helping. I was struggling for ground, and realized that it was useless; I was falling to my death. "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

I screamed hysterically. The land that was cut, was a new ravine being formed, the ground completely was taken apart, and fell into the new ravine, causing chaos and destruction, and also tons of dust everywhere. In fact, probably enough to become a blind-ee. I look down, I was blocks away from death, and I close my eyes. Suddenly, everything turned black.

I woke up only gosh knows when; and realize that I wasn't dead. I landed in water! So life wasn't over, but I still need to find a way out. I dug up some dirt, and by some; I mean a ton-worth. I started building up with it. I was almost at the top, and relief struck me once again. At that moment, I heard the clicking and clacking of bones. I knew it was a skeleton, ready to shoot me off. Hesitation hit me, and confusion over whether I should build over and get on land or fight back. I quickly attempt a jump and fail it, falling back into the ravine. Not again.. Noo! I hesitated, but became anti-climatic once I built under me. So I stacked up a few more blocks and jumped over. Alright, now I am safe. Except there is one other problem..

Where am I?

I took a big sigh, and attempted to figure out where north was. I came from the west; so I must be going the right way.. My legs were sore; I've been on foot for about an hour now. It is still another day worth of walking. I don't think I will make it. I suddenly have a great idea; If I accumulate a horse, I can have an easier ride there. The only hard part is, I no longer have a saddle. So there is only one side-quest answered; find a desert temple.

That practically sounds useless though, because its rare for any of them to exist in a forest. If they are, then its a moss stoned brick. I can keep an eye out for that. But the only thing I can attempt now is to walk. I know i am still in Savannah, because there is an outline between cities. I feel for my inventory; nothing. The steak was finished off; there is no use now. I wanted to give up, but I kept trying. I walked for what felt like hours. I tried to act strong, despite the fact that I am almost passed out. I take out my bed. I try to place it, but before I got a chance, I heard a hiss. I quickly take out my sword, and bring it down on the creeper. It was destroyed upon first hit. Good thing I brought a Diamond sword; I would otherwise be dead or severely injured. I then take out my bed, and place it. Its sunset, so its the best time to sleep. It will be hard with an empty stomach though. "Should probably hunt.." I whispered to myself. I take out my bow, and search for an animal. I catch a glimpse of something pink; a pig. I walk past the trees, and found about a dozen pigs. No time to waste. I brought my sword on three of them, I didn't want to unnecessarily kill more pigs then I have too. I took there drops and crafted a furnace. I throw the coal in the furnace's lower layer, then the pork on the top. That should cook fairly quickly. I relax, and attempt to think myself to sleep. I search around, bored, exhausted, dehydrated, hungry, sick..

Not the best condition. I check the food; almost cooked. Suddenly, curiosity killed the cat. When does the games start tomorrow? I nervously grab the strawberry paper and check. Mid-day.. I need to wake up and get there on time. Should I sleep? I suddenly lost my train of thought and just ended it. I don't like my situation, I won't get there on time. If I don't, I hope they let me stay a while, to relax. I catch sight and take out the pork. I eat one whole cooked pork. I don't want to eat too much, but conserving food won't be that good of an Idea, because they would want me to take out all my supplies. I put the other in my inventory, and attempted to fall asleep. It was hard, with all the chaos happening. But it worked out in the end.

I woke up, in a vast, dense fog. This was quite ironic, and also unneeded hell. I break my bed and pick it up, definitely not excluding my furnace, and workbench. I attempt to get a move-on. I find the North and head. I could barely make out the sun, which definitely said that I have enough time. At least, I think. I somehow find the need to run, and do. If I want to make it on time, then I have to act. I am quickly losing my breath, but I need to keep a move on. I hear the hiss of a creeper, so I ripped out my bow, retrieved an arrow and shot it at the creeper. At the same moment a Zombie grabbed me, It pushed me onto the ground, devestating my knee. I hesitate, but finally I stand up, grab it's arm and threw it into a tree. I then booked it again. Its endless Danger, around every corner. I check the sun to find North again. I gasped. Apparently I've been going the wrong way this whole time. East. I turn around, regaining my strength. Its almost mid-day, the games are starting! I push myself to my limit, despite my loss of breath. I'm only going about 10 cubic meters per second. Which is rather fast, but not fast enough. I have what feels like heartbeats till the games.

To be continued..

Meet in chapter 4, where Steve is forced to turn back and make a run to the games. Will he be late? Will he even survive? Find out in the next chapter, releasing on 4/26!

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