I wish I would of known better.

But I have a plan. If they are chasing each other, I can let them pick on Zak, and I can clean them all up, which can very greatly work in my favor, or go against it. But I am only thinking about it working. I watch them tussle by the cliff, and as I watch, I get in steady pose, ready to take the risk or reward awaiting me. I try to think though; is this something worth my game? I could die here.. especially since..

This is my last life.

The reminder chilled my spine. I reconsider; because if I die this game, I am dead in the real world. Was it really worth the pain? The risk? The challenge, to come to the games without an extra life? I could die.. and I realize that might just be it. They say your life flashes before you once you are about to die, and I felt this; but I felt it in a good way, I felt strong. I charge for them, hide behind a tree. I hear the howls of both team & solo; fighting it out. Normally in these games, the team will have the two on one advantage, but Zak was putting up a good fight. Which was why I stayed. I kept watching them closely; but not close enough to get caught. Because that would result in something tragic. Zak pulls back his sword, he also kicks away Joe & Slashes at both males. He also got another combo on Joe, as Dfield was back. But Dfield swooped back in for the kill, which ended in Zak's favor because he got to quickly push off Joe, and trade hits with Dfield. This was very interesting..

I wonder how I would do in a fight like this.

I keep watching them clash and clash. I also noticed one of Zak's tactics spark in my brain. He was actually just fighting one, pushing them off and fighting the other, if they both fight at the same time, he just swings his sword at them and backs up, maybe occasionally slides on the ground for dodging. Once It seems like the duo has a chance, I swoop in and flank Zak from the left. We clash swords twice, and hang there. For a moment I suspected that Joe & Mark were going to attack me, but they actually targeted Zak. Zak clashed my swords so hard that he hit it out of my hand and tried to poke me once, but he missed. I backed up, and he started fighting Mark. I came back in once I retrieved my sword, and he spun attacked, which again, was his ultimate plan to success. I lay off for a moment and he got a critical hit on Joe. He got another and swooped in and got one last hit on him. Joe tried to escape but ended up flailing his arms until he reached the cold, bloody ground. He shouted in pain, which got Mark distracted, and got him to run from Zak.

"Joe!" Mark screamed, almost in a jokingly manner, but not in a"scared" manner. Mark looked at Zak, pissed or something, and he turns back and clashes with Zak, and backs off almost instantly.

"Sorry, but he didn't make the grade this game." Zak said, in all seriousness.

"I know how it feels, Mark. Its not fun." He started once again. He looks back at me, and spoke once again.

"Nice flank by the way." He remarked. I nodded, in hatred and approval. Really, Zak was a great guy if you got to know him. And he is always polite to other people too. Its just that sometimes, in the heat of the moment, he gets really hyped up, and it causes him to sound meaner than he actually is. I know this, because in the past games, that was always how he acted. Even if he was "seriously mad," he did go through lots of losses, and before he was famous, he was treated horribly. Mark turns to me and turns back to Zak instantly. Zak signals something to him, couldn't tell what. Dfield ended up making a run for it. I also decide to back off-


6 Tributes Remain..

Joe was killed By Zak

Once that was over, I headed back to the tree house. I didn't quite know what to do now, I had enough food, and all chests were mostly looted by now. If I had any recognition in these games, I would just make myself do something down right hilarious or, stupid. But if my therapist is watching..

I probably shouldn't, right? With that said, I picked off at my bread, and finally finished it. I darted out in the open. I finally realized my food supply would be low. I look up to my house. I find it weird how I really dislike jumping or climbing, but I specialize in it at the same time. It might actually benefit me in these games. It comes back to my mind, the fact that I only have one life left. It can be wasted in this arena. I must be careful. I researched my inventory, finding my last bit of food is my three apples. I must find more, but where is my ultimate question. What I could do, is cut down trees and hope apples will drop. But at realization, there was also cooked chicken dropped where Joe died. I head in the direction and limbo-it under leaves, I could of just broke them; the arena is repaired right after the games. I jump after and make it over the cave. I come to the ravine, and walk on the man-made bridge that laid coincidentally. It wasn't there before, so someone came this way eventually. The chicken might of despawned by now, but there is a great chance it hasn't, and the temptation is really huge, that I can't just not take the risk. I look past the bungalow that was on the side of the ravine, and then the cliff. On the cliff, there was still all the supplies left! Zak never picked them up. I run up to the items, and find all sort of goodies; but not really, most of it was just Leather armor, food, although food will still come in handy. There is also a chain chestplate, which I desperately needed. I had nothing to protect my chest previously. I also find some arrows, but not many. Another flint and steel, but it only had one charge left. It wasn't worth the inventory space, so I threw it over the ravine.

Actually, there might be good stuff in the ravine. The idea really did spark in my mind, although it may be against the rules, since stripmining is. I dismiss the thought, and walk back to the treehouse. It doesn't really blend in as good now, but Its okay, because if the game lasts a 4th day, I will only most likely be sleeping once. I'm pretty sure there will be atleast another day though, because the sun is setting, and unless we all meetup somehow, I don't think I will be getting that lucky.


Something really bright shines in my face, I look away, and slowly turn back.

That chest is golden?

It was actually just the sun reflecting on the ender chest, but It was still a different looking chest. I walk up to it, and it seemed to have ordinary supplies. There was an apple, flint, & a golden apple? That will definitely come in handy. A zombie approached, taking my bow out, and shooting it to death. I find my way back to the treehouse, trying to block the sun rays with my arm. I climb up the ladder, and into my bed. Another day survived, and another to go through..

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