Adrenaline pumped through my body as I ran to the games. I didn't see anything ahead, obviously knowing that I must skip past any danger or treasure nearby. I MUST play the games. I stop at a tree for a moment, knowing I have a minute, tops. I know the minute is over and go for another run. It isn't long before I have to stop again. This can't last! If I keep going like this, I won't make it. I try to fill my mind with succeeding things; but that obviously doesn't go as planned. Mountains come into view, a distinctive ring of mountains; not a very legit ring, I can tell you that. I check the sun again; I have time, but by time I mean a few scary minutes. I was very non compliant with the Creepers, whom decided to be rude enough to follow me the whole way. I was so agitated, about being in the games and being away from them; it was like butterflies in your stomach, but your stomach is also enjoying every last second of the butterflies.

I take a step up the mountain, and shriek as I feel a sharp pain in the back of my left leg. I alerted all enemies, which got me going again. I climbed the steep hills and bumps until I finally get to the top, I sit my bottom down and take a rest; I had a sense of hope yet a sense of defeat. I don't know whether I Iucked out, or... not. It was just over mid-day, meaning they are about to start. It wasn't oblivious to me this whole time that I wouldn't make it; but I proceeded to make my way to the stadium; and now I have to go all the way back. I check my surroundings, and look over the mountain. It was a very interesting coat of yellow grass, which seemed dubiously familiar.. But screw it, I mean if there is no hope, there is no hope. I looked around for the nearest tree I can possibly punch to at least make a shelter to rest in. I eat my finale piece of steak I had left in my inventory, leaving nothing to eat, hinting that I must adventure for animals. I slide down the mountain, and ended at the bottom as a very joyful person; because the stadium that held the Survival Games were right in front of my eyes.

I didn't catch it at first; I thought it was a very typical build that someone created to make them self look impressive, but it was obviously something better than that. It was the official 18th round of Survival Games.

I adopted all of my strength to get a move on and into the stadium, which ended of ending quickly; I busted through the doors; It wasn't exactly the type of stadium you would normally think; It had no spectator seats, just flat screen TV's for watching the event. They used a 500 cubic meters wide of space for the 24 contestants, the outer rim was made of gold and blue stained glass, and the words in banners; "Survival Games stadium," and in the inside was a very unknown buildlike design with polished blocks and Nether Quartz. I busted through, and saw the 24 contestants being called out. Everyone stood on pedestals, with 2 pedestals side by side, then a cubic square of grass and another pedestal; which indicates that this season is a teams of two, not a Free for all lash out. The person who calls out the names stood in front of everyone and started to speak, "from Team 2, we have Joseph, & Mark!" I shivered. I know who they both are, and I can tell that they are great players. Mark is better known as Dfield, and has destroyed people in lots of rounds, and if I recall, he even won round 9 & 11. "From team 3, we have... Gary, and Curtis! I shivered again. Two more great players. Gary is better known as Huahwi, who has only won the 10th season, but is still a big challenging player. Curtis on the other hand, is no match, but still has experience. Considering we don't get practice in the games, we are expected to have some skill originally. I practiced a lot and it even became a hobby, but until recently, you could say I, "retired." "On team 4, we have Barry, & Steve!" At the sound of my name, I flinched. As everyone sent attention towards me, I just looked around, trying to seem somewhat cool. "On team 5, we have Duck, & Zeth!" Don't know much about Duck, Zeth sounds somewhat familiar. "For Team 6, the contestants are Zakariyah, and Jacqueline!" Oh, and if you never heard of Zakariyah, he is a big threat as well; he won only two games, but while he loses in funny ways, he is a tough guy. Jacqueline; is like the helper, at least I'm assuming. Zak would be doing the fighting while Jacqueline did the berry picking. Ha, I bet everyone had a laugh on that one. "On team 7, we have Ant & Zack, and on team 8, we have Matthew and Mitch!" Mitch is a good player, Matthew is good, but only with the bow. If I melee'd him, he would probably fall. "And finally, we have team 9, with Michael, and Brandon!" Brandon is known as Talekio and Michael is StrauberryJam, great, more great players. But I questioned another fact more; why was there only 18 players this game instead of 24? That was very odd; but I shook off the question and listened to what happens next. "Stay on your pedestals, it will take you down underground and teleport you to the match, good luck!" He shouted, and we went down.. down.. and down.. and I appeared at the surface again, with 18 other players on there pedestals, ready to start this games..

So nervous..

So worried..

Will I die?

Will I live?

Questions flooded my mind.. with only 20 seconds left, I attempted to acquire a plan. I thought of rushing to mid, as there is chests with more good loot then I would find anywhere else throughout the map. From mid, I can either run as far as I can, or if I inherit a sword or weapon, I can kill other players instantly, and take their gear. About five people on average die in the beginning, so it wouldn't be a bad idea, as long as no one is overpowered yet. Also, another thing I forgot temporarily, is a cool feature added in the 4th game; if someone dies, a thunder noise is shot and it will display who died, from what team, by what, all above the cornucopia in big.. red letters. Kind of like blood...The game is starting.. just ten more seconds.. 5.. 4.. 3... 2... 1... I jumped.. the problem was, it was too early, I got pulled back automatically by a forcefield, allowing everyone else to get a head start. Dammit!

This was a bad start. I challenged my mind but not knowing where to go, but I ran straight for the middle, and tried to open a chest. Soo.. heavy.. I opened it finally and ended up with a stone sword.. pickaxe.. 6 apples and some bread.. I got a bow.. a bow! I got a bow! This was my secret weapon. I couldn't use a sword for the life of me, but a bow always works in my favor. Everyone fought out; Ant slashed out at Zeth with a sword, and they clashed, but Zeth couldn't make it..


17 tributes remain..

Zeth died to Ant.


Duck dies to Ant..

16 tributes remain..

Blood is being spilled everywhere. Only about four people remain at middle, it was me, Ant, Zack, and Paddle. I quickly knew that I was outnumbered, and if Paddle lost to Ant and Zack, I would be a goner. I tried to maneuver through the knives being throwed at me. I noticed something scary yet appealing; Paddle, had a shield. Paddle blocked one of Ant's knives and they clashed their swords.

This is my chance!

I run up behind Zack, and he turns around and slashes his sword at me, barely slicing my shoulder, Zack targets me again, and Ant backs him up.. Paddle! Go Paddle! But Paddle isn't doing anything, she is just letting me die.. to Ant and Zack. I try to dodge their sword hits, but ant got a hit on me, causing me to flinch back. "You're not getting away!" Ant shouted in distress. "The fuck I will!" I shouted back. He got severely angry.. Pulling his sword to my waist, trying to get a critical..

He better not.

I run away, and whilst Ant and Zack completely ignored Paddle, they gave up on me, I can tell by their whispering and how they shrug it off. Paddle comes up behind Zack and throws a potion at him; I was pretty sure it was poison because he screamed in terror and sluggishly fell to the ground, green particles, surrounding him. I had a chance, but I ran away, not wanting to risk it. Plus, Paddle and Ant both had chestplates, and I don't have any armor protection.

Ant went furious and swore Paddle out, almost gaining every hit. But while she caught Zack in, she rushed him. It was definitely poison, he was slowly trying to get away, but he stopped in his tracks. He turned around, having something in his hand, throwing it at Paddle.. It shocked me, and glass hit my face.. It was another potion.. one of vengeance.. but I was pretty sure that was harming. Paddle is distracted from the fight with Ant, and fell to the ground. Zack slowly closes his eyes, whispering something to Ant, and Paddle is on the ground next to him. Ant ignores the move he was about to make to kill Paddle, and knees down to Zack. I couldn't watch, I backed away and started running for another chest that can be seen in the distance.


15 tributes remain..

Paddle was killed by Zack..

I sighed in relief but sighed in sadness too. I didn't really know how to feel, but I know I SHOULD feel tougher. Its a game.. not real life. But lives do count in this.. Only unprofessional people end up losing all lives although..


14 Tributes Remain..

Zack was killed by Paddle..

And there it was. They both died, and now Ant is playing this solo, which makes me happy, because Ant is a great player and being solo gives him a disadvantage. I have yet to meet back up with my teammate as well, which is unfortunate. Barry is actually someone I don't know in person quite, but I do know him at a meetup they did in Copeland. Of course, being Steve, I had to attend the event, and I don't regret a single bit of it. But now that Barry is in the game, as a teammate.. pretty coincidental stuff. I try to sort out what I have, and from the chest, I have acquired leather shoes, a chain helmet, which is pretty good for arrow shots, as head shots are actually three shot kill in Leather gear, I also have acquired a few throwing knives, and a flint and steel, which is good for trapping people in fire, causing them to slack a bit during a fight. I venture forward, looking for a good place to build a home. People can raid and kill you in the shelter, and you cant dig down in the arena, so really you just have to be sneaky with the builds. I went up to a tree and broke it down with my pickaxe that I ended up using. I crafted the wood and thought of an Idea. I could actually build a home in a tree.. or actually even better, I can build it in a river. But if I build it in a tree, and I die, I can lit the tree house on fire, or if I don't die, I actually can hit the player off the ladder to the house..

I created a ladder and built my way up to the top creating a big square area in the tree to build a home. I replaced the leaves with wood, and set my bed down. I sit down in it, and think about what I should attempt next. I am pretty hungry, but I don't need to eat my store of Bread, but I can break into my share of apples, I took one and started eating it. A sound caused me to pause for a moment.


13 Tributes Remain...

MrMitch was killed by Ant..

I can actually see the words from the cornucopia, it doesn't just go through transluent blocks, It also goes through solid blocks. Nice feature. But knowing Ant, of course he was going to snowball this game, its in his nature. Although while he is a sleeping Giant, he is also a loose bomb waiting to go off. And just when I thought I wouldn't jinx it..


12 Tributes Remain..

Ant was killed by Jacqueline

Ha, of course. I mean, I don't know how that was so coincidental, but anyone who messes with Zak's team is in for a beating. Ant really screwed his season up anyway, he ended up letting his teammate die, and stayed solo. Obviously he wasn't going to make it. But then again, miracles happen. I look out from the hole in my treehouse, just when I heard someone talking. I break down in dead silence. I try to listen for their voice now, but it just disappeared. They might of caught me. Or not..

They kept talking, I can tell it was Zakariyah, which is not a pretty sight any day.. but I also heard... Barry? I was confused. Why were the two talking, they aren't on the same team! I tried to think about talking out loud, but I thought better of it. Although, I then caught sight of them. They were whispering now, but they had no armor, I could come down, and maybe challenge them if it comes to that. I through myself out the house and surprise them. By surprise, I mean surprise. They flinched back and screamed.

"Shh!" I warned.

"It's you?" Barry asked in surprise.

"Yes its me, now why the hell are you talking to Zak?" I asked as well.

Zak drew out his sword in a warning. I drew out mine, warning him as well, also giving him a sly grin, just to give it all to him. I turn to Barry. I pause for a moment..

Running, panting, I shoot an arrow, and-

"I was talking to him about something is all, but we are a team, so we work together now." He suggests. I don't like his tone, But I will accept what he is trying to tell me.

"what you got there?" Barry asks, looking at my tree house.

"Well, it was supposed to be a secure and safe home, but now you drew the whole world here." I sneered, giving him what he deserves.

"Well, that is a bit harsh." He sneers back, grinning very evil-looking.. That is when it clicked. I knew what was going on by how both Zak & Barry were grinning at me in the same way. I stepped back, not wanting to know the truth, what I might of had to face in the coming moment..

But I thought of it as nothing.

Barry climbs up the ladder to the tree house, checking the place out.

"Nice place." He says shyly, but while he is trying to sound innocent, he isn't getting close to it.

"Yeah, it is," I say, climbing up there with him. He grins again, very creepily..

I finally burst my bubble.

"What is with your reactions?" I say, in the worst possible way. He draws out his sword..

I knew it. I knew it all along.

"Hey, Zak?" He shouts. "You got anything to tie this shitbird up?"

I would of lost it, and murdered him on the spot, if he didn't have the better position. I froze, not knowing what to do.

"Yeah, I got something, here." He replies, throwing a thin rope to him. Barry grabs it, and quickly ties it around my neck before I can react. I try to fight him off using my fist, because he has already taken my sword from me. He proceeded to tie it more, including my neck, arms, and even legs. He climbs down the ladder, breaks it, and replaces it with wood.

"Good luck motherfucker." He shouts, and afterwards I swore I could hear him high five Zak. I mean, I didn't see Barry doing this, I know he is a tough guy, and especially Zak.. but they don't have the nerve to lock me up in here. Who would? Why wouldn't he just kill me with his sword so he can get credit for the kill? I choked dramatically on the rope, screaming in frustration. I swore it out and threw a huge fit. I came here, to fight, for suspense, not to get tied up, and suffer..

I start crying, wishing that this could all be over..

Suddenly, the rope came loose. I gained hope, and took the rope off my neck. "Thats a start." I tell myself. I then realize I still have my knife on me. How can i forget? I take the knife and cut off the ties on my legs and arms, which were really nicely done, and were even stuck in a knot. I broke free, and used my knife to cut open the wood.. I kept cutting, until I swore it must of been the second day of the games. I broke free and fell out of the tree house, hurting my ankle.

But it doesn't matter.

I'm free, I run through, holding my knife. Trying to act quiet but also be really loud. I run through trying to find their camp, but knowing that it was no use. Until I saw a human being.. near a tree. I saw two, infact. They were both Zakariyah, & Barry. In a little bit of armor, and a lot.. of weapons. Also, they left an arrow on the ground, which I gladly took. I took out my bow, not thinking much of it.

"Kill him!"

"Flank him"

"This side, this side!"

I heard them scream, It wasn't just Barry & Zakariyah, because Barry and Zak were also being hunted down by another team; Michael, & Brandon. Michael swishes his sword left jumps dodges and at the nick of time, Brandon slams into Barry taking him to the ground. Zak clashes swords with Brandon, brings his down and tries to poke his knees, which doesn't work. Brandon tries the same technique; which ended up not working as well as Zak's. Zak took his sword and slammed it into Brandon, dealing a first hit. Brandon collides with Zakariyah and slides onto the ground behind him. He hit him, dealing his first hit. They both got another three to four hits on each other and Brandon made a mad dash for it. Zak went after him. Michael, looking a bit defeated, is still clashing and occasionally hitting and taking hits, but was looking as no match for Barry, I rushed in behind Barry, hit him twice, and then he clashed with me and finally got a first hit on me.

"Barry is lit!" I shouted, right as Michael was shifting to me. We both targeted Barry, until I realized I still have a bow. I took the bow out and an arrow, and aim it at Barry. Barry runs right after I shoot.

I missed!

He booked it, but I aimed again and ended up shooting at his back, causing him to collapse to the ground. I ran up to him, took his sword and utilized it to kill him.

He was sitting there in pain.


11 Tributes Remain..

Barry was killed by Michael..

I was wondering how the fight with Brandon & Zak was going, but I didn't want to engage with the two skilled players now. I needed to take some time to rest, check my surroundings. Now that Inherited both a Sword & a Bow, I can go and look for more supplies. There may only be two or three chests around here, if lucky. I searched the forest, not finding any structures or chests. I dashed under a tree, as I heard footsteps. It was the third day of the games; I can tell because the moon is straight above. I see the player moving across.

It was Matthew.

I stay down, Matthew had a lot of gear, and fighting him was not exactly the best plan out there. He walks right past me. It was a good opportunity to kill him, but could result in easy death, as his armor would absorb most hits. I just hid my presence, and eventually tensions loosened. I walk out from under the low tree and end up searching for more chests. There were not that many around. The ones that were around didn't have great gear. I just realize how hungry I am, and take out another apple to snack on. I didn't need to eat my bread yet. As I walk the forests, I hear a creaking noise. I looked all around, and finally spotted a chest. I ignored what I had encountered and slammed open the chest. I made a lot of noise; probably not a great idea, especially considering most players are on this side of the map. I open the chest, and instantly see something that catches my attention; Diamond leggings. I don't think anyone has a pair of Diamond gear yet, let alone Iron. So inheriting the Leggings were definitely going to help my situation currently. I felt so strong; which wasn't a feeling I have felt in a long time; but I do remember one time.. one occurrence I don't want to think about, but I couldn't rid it of my mind; It just popped in my mind without an entrance.

Running, panting, I grab my bow and acquire my last arrow, I push back the bow and quickly let go.

I kept running, and running, and running..

The vision faded away quickly, and I went back to checking what was in the chest. There was 12 arrows, a potion of strength, & that was it..

Not very much supplies, but I'll live with it. I do one last search around the area, and head back in the direction of the tree house. I go through the trees which seem a lot denser then before, but I ignored my mind tricks. I started jogging, and finally found the tree house, climbing up the ladder. I come up inside, and think about what to do next. Obviously want to do anything but fight, because I am not in the right state to fight now. I sort out my supplies, and realize I still have my flint and steel. Gee, that would of come in handy when I fought Barry & Zakariyah, although fighting would still be a mistake.I wondered how they were doing, because cross teaming would be something you would get in big trouble for. I still can't believe Zak would cross team though. I was going to get ready for bed, but I also realized that my house was now in the open, and I need to hide it a bit more. First of all, I need two Iron, to craft shears, then I can get the leaves and place them around my house. I climbed down the ladder. I went down and started for corn. There was a chest left behind with Iron! I don't know how much, but there was still some. I went in, checked if anyone was at the mid, and dashed for a chest. I opened it. Wasn't this one. I opened another to the left of it. Not this one either..

I searched all the other chests, and I found no Iron. How hard could this be? Someone must of took it by now. I sprint back to my tree house. Wait, we can still mine in the mines! Duh, how did I forget? The thing is, I don't know where a mine is. There might be one a bit left to the tree house though. I run over to the left of the tree house, looking for any tunnels. I am quite surprised how I haven't spotted any sign of movement here. People are really sneaky this game. Really sneaky, more then I please. I look around every corner and yet don't see a mine. Although I do see a maze; I walk towards it. The thing is, it wasn't a maze. It was a spawn, but with a tunnel leading down. A mine! I sprint to the mine and open the trap door that was under. I hop in and climb down the subsequent ladder that were before me. It was dark.. and creepier then most I have seen. But I found instant Iron; so that is a pro. I mine up the Iron with my old pickaxe I got from Barry and after the 3rd piece it instantly broke. Well, coincidentally I got what I needed, so I headed back up the ladder and to the tree house. I climb up and get in, I put down a furnace and started to cook the Iron. Whilst it seemed forever, it only lasted a few seconds before I regained my Iron and made shears. I came out of my tree house, jumped and latched onto one of the trees that held up my home. I cut as many leaves as I could off the right side of the tree, and balanced on the branch supporting the home, which allowed me to climb back inside. I stood on the top and started to place leaves on the sides. It already looked more natural, but not enough. I ended up finishing all the sides pretty quickly. I take to the ground and get a faraway view of the madness I've created. Although it wasn't really madness; it looked really legit. I just had to place the leaves on the bottom of my home and its good. Which I did, and I made it look like a worn down tree, which I find pretty amusing. I professionalize in Building as well as fighting, which gives me an advantage in hiding well. I run through the leaves and rejoice in finally being able to rest. I spent it well; and now I am safe. Safer, that is.

Running, panting, I shoot an arrow.

It wasn't pulled back.

I run, run run run, and then..

I wake up. It wasn't just a bad dream; I was there. I know because I fully remember that dream like it was yesterday, and ha, it was. But I wake up, it was day 4 of the games. I sort out my ideas and climb down the bundle of wood that is referred to as my home. I slide out of the leaves, and stretch. Beautiful morning, definitely, only thing that may of put it to a con was the lightning noise that came from the west.


10 Tributes Remain..

Michael was killed by Zakattack

"Oh," I whispered quietly. There went Mic, down by.. Zak..

Oh no.. I don't need the visual for a third time, I really, really, REALLY, don't..

I luck out again, and before I can proceed to start my mission, another cannon noise shoots out in the distance.


9 Tributes Remain..

Brandon was killed by Zakattack

Zak is definitely domination, I try hard to not think about what I don't want to think about..

They snowball practically every game. It was an interesting concept. I really enjoyed Zak, especially Jacqueline, until the-


8 Tributes Remain..

Solr was killed By Huahwi

Gary getting a kill, not surprised. There were a lot of games where he wouldn't get a single kill though. Only the cannon stopped me from visualizing the event..


7 Tributes Remain..

Matthew was killed by Dfield

"What is with all the kills?" I question myself, but I know the real reason, I just don't want to know the truth. I instantly get surprised by a player. It was Zak, he was running and shooting from occasionally, but I don't know at what. I suddenly realize that Dfield and Joe were chasing him. Where was Jacqueline? Zak is usually the one to stay in a group. But tragedy was going to strike; if Dfield's team, Zak's team, all are geared out, then..

I lose.

I try not to think about it, but it comes up again, because Zak was running and shooting..

Kind of how I ran and shot..

Running, panting..

Shoots an arrow..

I try to escape.. it doesn't work, I run, run run run, but he gets a hold of me, I feel a great push, and-


To Be Continued

Look for Chapter 5, coming in May-June.

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